Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Expand our Blog Content

Happy new Year to our Cub Sylvanian Blog followers. We often get communications and pictures from worldwide Sylvanian lovers of their favourite characters etc so I thought this year we could open up the blog for any special Sylvanian Families pictures or stories you may have. Not only will we feature them here but I will forward them to the NZ Sylvanian Families "Chronicle" quarterly Club newsletter. That way you may see tham in print and online. Simply email them to me and tell your friends when they appear!


Ansku said...

Awesome! Can I use a story that has been in my blog?

Shopper said...

Sure, as long as any posts and pictures relate to Sylvanian Families and are in good taste i welcome anything you think our bloggers will like. It could be sylvanian stories, pictures of what children have created with Sylvanian figures etc.