Thursday, July 23, 2009

New GOLD AWARD member

Congratulations go to Tianjing on reaching the Gold award level in our loyalty programme. Tianjing loves collecting these Sylvanian products for friends and family in China and as a result of reaching Gold award level she not only gets 10% off all her purchases but she also receives FREE FREIGHT on her orders and a one time $20 Gift voucher which can be applied to her orders. Well done!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Spotlight on a Sylvanian Blog

Here we are reviewing a specialist Sylvanian Families Blog site run by Iceklicky based in Sydney Australia. She invites you to Come and join her, to step into this adorable world of Sylvanian Families. She has been collecting Sylvanian Families for years and enjoys sharing her Sylvanian world and to make new friends with other collectors.The Blog has been going since November 2006 and has a comprehensive list of posts and photos of Sylvanian Characters along with storylines. This is ceratinly a fetaure full Blog and children (and adults) will just love to browse through the Blog site. Have a look!

Sylvanian Families Catalogue 2009

A reminder that all new account holders purchasing Sylvanian products for the first time will receive a Sylvanian Families Catalogue with their order. The current 2009 Catalogue focuses on the Oak Hollow range and covers all the new ranges this year.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

New Sylvanian Families "Chronicle" Issue 1

Our supplier has issued (issue 1 "Winter") their first Sylvanian Families Collectors Club newsletter called the "Chronicle". We have sufficient quantity for all our current members and a few spare for new joining members over the next few days. The Chronicle will be issued four times a year, providing craft activities, short stories & keeping you updated with the latest Sylvanian Themes. These newsletters will only be posted to our Club Sylvanian NZ members enrolled at so be sure to sign up to become a member. All members will receive their free copy over the next two weeks whilst stock lasts.

New Sylvanian Products June 09

A stack of new Sylvanian Families products has just been released for 2009. These include:
* Maces Mouse Families
* Golden Labrador Families
* Honey Bear Families
Street Market & Shopping
* Pancake Shop
* Village Sweet shop
* Village Shoe Shop
* Village Flower Stall
* Village Gift Shop
* Department Store
* Applewood Cottage (Starter)
Beauty & Fashion
* Beauty Dressing Table
* Beautician Set
* Beauty Salon with Hairdresser
* Madeline's Boutique
* Angeles Bedtime set
* Dinner Party Set
* Mother at Home set
* Brother at Home set
* Sister at Home set
* Caravan
* A day at the seaside set
* Family Car with rabbit Granddad
* Babblebrook Manor with Garden
* Garden BBQ set