Thursday, December 30, 2010

2011 Sylvanian Families Calendar

We have received a good quantity of 2011 Sylvanian Families Calendars and these will be posted out to active Sylvanian Loyalty Club members in Dec/Jan. Overseas customers will need to contact us to receive calendars via NZ Post International Air Mail as there will be an associated cost. NZ Loyalty programme customers will receive these calendars free of charge.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

End Of Line Products

Just letting you the following Sylvanian products have gone from the range permanently.
* TSF4463 Baby High Chair
* TSF4700 Grand Hotel
* TSF4942 Caravan and Pony
* TSF4962 Willow Hall
* TSF4963 Conservatory for Willow Hall

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New Families- Fawn and Field Mouse

We have a couple of new Sylvanian Families join us and they are the "Dappledawn" otherwise known as the "Fawn" Family (plus Twin Babies) and the Field Mouse Family. We also have some new "Shopping & Dining" products with "Delightful Doughnuts" and "Scrumptious Sandwiches".

Some pics from an apreciative Jason

Pictures from an appreciative Sylvanian Blogger of their pet bunny with a free Sylvanian 2010 Calendar!

Friday, March 12, 2010

ONE ONLY 2010 Sylvanian Calendar

My suppliers have issued each Sylvanian Retailer including us one only 2010 Sylvanian Calendar and this offer is exclusively available to my "Club Sylvanian NZ Blog" followers. The first Blog follower to publish a response to any of the Blog listings here will receive the one and only Calendar. Who is going to be first?

Products deleted from range

The following Sylvanian products are no longer available from the supplier and we have no stock left.
> TSF4124 Goat Family
> TSF4702 Luxury Four Poster Bed
> TSF4030 Cottontail Rabbit Family
> TSF4935 Baby Fairground House

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sylvanian Catalogue 2009/10

This is the current catalogue that goes out to all Sylvanian Club Members when they order on site The themes covered in the catalogue are "Shopping in the village square","Holidays in Sylvania", "Pleasure Boat", "Welcome to the Sylvanian Grand Hotel", "The Village Show", "The Oak Hollow Treehouse","Food Glorious Food!" and others.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sylvanian Families "Chronicle" Issue 3

Published in time for Summer 2010, this issue available exclusively to Sylvanian Club Members has:
* Spot The Difference
* Family Word Search
* Back To School Story Time
* The Furbanks Family
* The Back To School Quiz
* Members Corner "Design a Poster"
* New Rainbow Nursery Range

NEW Rainbow Nursery

A new Sylvanian Theme range "Rainbow Nursery" has been released consisting of:
* Rainbow Nursery School
* Playground Swing Set
* School Bus
* Bathroom Set

Sylvanian Families "Chronicle" Issue 2

This Sylvanian Families Collectors Club Issue 2 was distributed in Spring 2009 to our Club Members.If you are a member and did not receive a copy you can contact us at

In This Issue was:
* "Spot The Difference"
* The Applewood Department Store "Design a Poster" Competition
* Story Time with the "3 Little Pigs"
* Magic Maze
* How to Draw Father Rabbit
* Members Corner with lots of Winner pics
* Summer Holiday's in Sylvania products

Spotlight on other Sylvanian Bloggers

Have a look at this Blogger "Kowai Corner Stories" from the Waikato in NZ and active since 2009. There are lots of Sylvanian stories and photos of Sylvanian Life.

New Sylvanian in 2010

We have quite a few new Sylvanian products including the Silk Cat Family for Feb 2010. You may be familar with the Family Life Carry Cases and now we have the larger versions Delightful Duo in two versions. In the Country Travelling theme we introduce the Village Bus and Bus Driver and Conductor. There's quite a few new products so be sure to checkout our New Products area.