Thursday, December 30, 2010

2011 Sylvanian Families Calendar

We have received a good quantity of 2011 Sylvanian Families Calendars and these will be posted out to active Sylvanian Loyalty Club members in Dec/Jan. Overseas customers will need to contact us to receive calendars via NZ Post International Air Mail as there will be an associated cost. NZ Loyalty programme customers will receive these calendars free of charge.


Ansku said...

Whoa, i wan't one of those! Soo cute :)

Jason said...

Oh man I'd LOVE one again this year if possible... I would be more than happy to pay for the shipping and handling!


Shopper said...

Jason, we'll let you know the shipping cost asap.

Shopper said...

The 2011 Sylvanian Families Calendars have been posted out. If you haven't received yours (and you are a member who has purchased Sylvanian Families from us know at
We have started to get requests from overseas members so if you want one, email to order it and there will be a nominal small postage charge payable by Pay Pal.