Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sylvanian Families Writing Competition Oct 08

Many of our website visitors (and other retailer customers) entered the recent Sylvanian Writing Competition where entrants had to write stories about their imagined weekend stay at the Sylvanian Grand Hotel.

Congratulations go to the winners of the Oct 08 Sylvanian Families writing competition run by the NZ Distributers of Sylvanian Families, Thos Holdsworth & Sons. The winners were Emilia Brown, 11 yrs old ( 9~11 yrs old section) Story & Sophie Frame, 5 yrs old (4~8 yrs section) Story here.

The winners received 2 nights accomodation at the Peppers Beacon Hotel in Queenstown with flights for Mum and Dad to enjoy a relaxing weekend, all valued at $3,300 each. The girls won a Sylvanian Grand Hotel complete with accessories worth $700 and you can see them pictured here with their families.

The competition was Judged by Drew from Sticky TV and the entry limitations were for stories less than 600 words long, entrants younger than 12 yrs (as at 1/9/08) and closed 27/10/08. Every entry received a complimentary Sylvanian Families Writing Pack which was posted to them by Thos Holdsworth & Sons once their entry form was received. If you haven't received your pack you can contact Thos Holdsworth & Sons directly at PO Box 71 086 Rosebank, Auckland or contact us here and we will forward your request to them.

If any of you want to post your own Sylvanian stories you can do it here on this blog.

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